New Drag 22 bag

Bag in Allegretto calfskin with removable strap, interior pocket and gold plated hardware The bag can be closed with a leather clad padlock A new style, a new look, a new signature for this feminine bag with a unique size and construction. Its two delicate handles nestle into the cut-outs of the flap and its leather-clad padlock allows for quick and easy closing. It can be carried in hand or on shoulder, from morning to evening. A dynamic choice, thanks to this model’s detachable straps and clever snap hook. Dimensions: L 22 x H 14 x D 8 cm


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¥ 74170  

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关于 Hermès 品牌

始创于 1837 年的 Hermès 爱马仕,是世界著名的奢侈品品牌,由 Thierry Hermès 创立于法国巴黎,早年以制造高级马具起家,迄今已有 180 年的悠久历史。包含箱包、马具、丝制品、女装、男装、珠宝首饰等十六大产品部类。



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